Head to Accra, Africa’s new urban hot spot, and you could be lazing on white sandy beaches, going on world-class artistic and cultural tours, and admiring world-renowned architecture. Here are Brightsun Travel’s top 10 reasons why you should consider a city break in Accra this holiday. Contact us and secure cheap flights to Accra anytime of the year.
1 Markets
Start your city tour with a trip to Makola Market, Accra’s main market and shopping district, where you can buy food, clothes, and anything else you can think of!

2 Handicrafts
Ghana is well known for its colourful African fabrics. Head to the Accra Arts Center to explore local handicrafts and textiles, and a chance to try out your bargaining skills!

3 Shopping
Accra’s largest shopping centre, the expansive Accra City Mall, is home to international designers and notable local brands. Or head to Osu’s Oxford Street anytime of day and night and you’ll find a hub of activity.

4 Beaches
Accra is a city that boasts its fair share of white sandy beaches, including the busy and colourful Labadi beach, where you can dine in open-air restaurants, and party till dawn in cool clubs and cocktail bars.

5 Creative Enclaves
Spend a day in the up and coming Stanbic Heights district for a creative tour of the city. This district is full of restaurants, boutiques and bars brimming with young creatives.

6 Galleries
The Artists Alliance Gallery is a great place to explore local talent and get a sense of the emerging creative scene in Accra, covering 3 floors and showcasing a range of local art works.

7 Museums
Visit the city’s National Museum and you can explore the country’s long and rich history, including exhibitions devoted to the slave trade, and a gallery showcasing a range of Ghanaian artists.

8 Architecture
Accra is full of examples of midcentury architecture, including its Independence Square and Independence Arch, where you can explore Ghana’s culture and history, plus the must-see National Theatre building.

9 Neighbourhoods
Head to Jamestown, which dates back to the 17th century, and discover old colonial buildings and a lighthouse that offers fantastic views of the city, as well as vibrant cafes and music venues.

10 Parks
The central Kwame Nkrumah Park and Mausoleum is not only a place to find peace and tranquillity in the centre of the city, but a place where you can wonder past historical statues and important memorials.

Getting there
Brightsun Travel has numerous cheap air tickets to Accra. Contact us to organise your next city break in Africa, and experience all that the vibrant city of Accra has to offer.


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