Consider a visit to Lagos next holiday and enjoy a modern city, just moments from world-renowned green spaces. Brightsun Travel has a range of cheap tickets to Lagos from UK to get you there in less than 7 hours from London. Lagos, even though Africa’s biggest city, boasts conservation centres housing important wetlands, such as the Lekki Conservation Centre, a renowned urban National Park in Africa owing to its diversity of species and ecotourism experiences. Here you’ll also find important National Parks and Forest Reserves just moments from the city’s boundaries.

Lekki Conservation Centre
The Lekki Conservation Centre, set up in 1990 by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, is Lagos’ conservation icon, helping to protect the wetlands and coastline surrounding the city. The centre is a prime ecotourism hub just 40 kilometres from Lagos, set in the Lekki Peninsula, covering an area of almost 80 hectares of swamps, savannah grasslands, forests and marshlands.

Important Wetlands
Lekki Conservation Centre has a large area of wetlands that offer visitors a fantastic place for wildlife viewing. The centre boasts 400-metre long canopy walkways (one of the longest in Africa), plus forest footpaths, hiking trails and bird hides, from where you can spot a range of birds, monkeys, crocodiles, as well as endangered amphibians.

Sports & Picnics
Here there are libraries and visitor centres where you can learn more about Nigeria’s natural world and its conservation efforts, and how the Nigerian Conversation Foundation is helping save local wildlife from extinction. There is also a picnic area and children’s playground, plus ‘jungle gym facilities’, and beach volley ball courts, making it the perfect spot for a day out from Lagos.

Other Green Spaces
Omo Forest Reserve
Just north of Lekki, the Omo Forest Reserve contains some of the last remaining forests in the country. Although still threatened by development, the reserve is home to elephants and chimpanzees, and is under the protection of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation.

Old Oyo National Park
3 hours drive outside of Lagos on the E1 highway, Old Oyo National Park is a place where you an experience an abundance of wildlife and cultural sites in an easy side trip from the city. Here you can see buffaloes, birds and deer in their natural habitat, plus ruins of the ancient political capital of the Oyo Empire.

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