In Goa you could explore pristine rainforests teeming with wildlife, religious sites dating back centuries, famous spice plantations, and a capital boasting beautiful colonial buildings and a long rich history. Contact Brightsun Travel about your next holiday to Goa, and secure incredible value holiday packages and discounted airfares to Goa all year round.

Wildlife Sanctuaries
The Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa has an important wildlife corridor in India, and boasts lush forests and winding rivers that provide sanctuary to a range of wildlife, including black sloth bears and a variety of birds. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa’s second-largest sanctuary, is home to leopards, deer and monkeys. Here you can hike accessible trails and take advantage of well placed forest watchtowers, the best spots for spotting wildlife. Alternatively, head to Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary for the opportunity to see tigers in their natural habitat.

Spice Plantations
Head to Ponda or Palolem and you could spend your days touring centuries old spice plantations, growing anything from vanilla beans to chillies. Many plantations have on site accommodation where you can experience a traditional way of life in Goa, or simply take a day trip from your beach resort and join in personalised tours delivered by the owners of mainly independent plantations. Make sure you join a tasting session where you can sample the – mainly organic – produce for yourself.

Historic Goa
Goa has an incredibly rich, long history to explore. Away from the region’s beaches, in Old Goa you can visit well-preserved churches and cathedrals. Visit the Buddhist caves in Rivona, dating back as far as the 6th century, and discover temples and caves thought to have provided shelter to monks thousands of years ago. Finally, Chandor, one of the most picturesque little towns in Goa, boasts grand Portuguese houses and churches that are well worth a day away from the beach.

Panaji, Goa’s capital, has historical monuments, magical temples and colonial-era buildings to explore, alongside modern malls, art centres and broad leafy boulevards lining the Mandovi River. Head to the Latin Quarter, and immerse yourself in Portuguese style architecture, where quaint colourful houses line a maze of narrow streets. Here you could take a boat cruise past floating restaurants and casinos, tour beautiful old churches with ornate interiors, and experience one of India’s most laid-back and picturesque urban centres.

Getting there
Contact Brightsun Travel about a wide range of cheap tickets to Goa as well as hotel deals and holiday packages so you can explore all that the incredible region of Goa has to offer this holiday.


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