Explore The Old And New In Bengaluru

Bengaluru, or Bangalore, is India’s third largest city, nestled in the south of the country. It is a lively cosmopolitan city at the heart of the state of Karnataka, with historic neighbourhoods sitting comfortably next to stylish districts boasting an array of clubs and restaurants. Brightsun Travel has a range of Bengaluru flights from UK taking you to one of India’s most diverse urban centres. In Bengaluru you can enjoy a tour of India’s historic side in its many temples and palaces, and rub shoulders with a young hip crowd in up and coming neighbourhoods littered with bars, boutiques and breweries.

The Old

Chokkanathaswamy Temple

Chokkanathaswamy Temple is the oldest temple in the city, dating back to the 10th century, with impressive stone carvings and ancient Tamil inscriptions.

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

This teak palace in the heart of the city is a delight, with beautiful motifs lining the palace walls and grand paintings to enjoy.

The Bangalore Palace

The Bangalore Palace is a Tudor style building with elegant interiors and a beautiful garden to explore.

Malleswaram District

Malleswaram is littered with memorials, temples, quaint shops, historical hotels and traditional restaurants serving an array of Indian food.

Devanahalli Fort

Just 35 kilometres outside the city is the Devanahalli Fort dating back to the 15th century, covering 20 acres, and full of beautiful temples and courtyards.

The New

Orion Mall

Orion Mall boasts ultra modern bowling alleys and gleaming boutiques, alongside karaoke bars that’ll keep you entertained into the early hours.

UB City

In Bengaluru you can shop for luxury items in UB City, one of the city’s best-loved shopping malls.

Pub Culture

Locally known as India’s ‘pub city’, Bengaluru brews some of India’s best beer, and all across the city you can visit microbreweries and go on tasting tours.

MG Road

On Bengaluru’s main high street, MG Road, you can casually stroll past arts, crafts and book stores, and eat at high end dining restaurants.


In up and coming neighbourhoods like Indiranagar, you will find contemporary boutiques and high-end fashion brands lining the streets.


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Get Cheap Flights To Melbourne, Australia’s Culinary Capital, With Great Ocean Drives

One of the world’s most liveable cities, Melbourne boasts an amazing food and arts scene, trendy inner city neighbourhoods, plus the world famous Great Ocean Road, right on its doorstep. Here are our top 3 reasons why Melbourne should be on your radar for your next holiday.

#1 Cool, Cosmopolitan Neighbourhoods

Melbourne is a cool collection of trendy inner city suburbs. In the east you’ll find markets full of celebrity chefs. In the south there’s the laid-back bayside suburb of St Kilda, home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Go north and discover cutting edge art and food scenes. Our favourite is the northern, graffiti-lined neighbourhood of Fitzroy, and its close neighbour Collingwood, with neon-lit croissanteries with queues around the block, and flagship Melbourne brands in crumbling Victorian buildings.

#2 Ancient Forests & Foodie Tours

From Melbourne you could take a short train ride to the cool misty forests of the Dandenong Ranges National Park. Take a 2 hour hike and you could encounter wombats, wallaby, and possum, and marvel at some of the tallest trees in the world. A little further outside Melbourne are the wine regions of the Yarra Valley and the Macedon Ranges, and historical Daylesford, where you can drink water straight from natural springs and dine at the region’s best and oldest bakeries.

#3 Great Ocean Drives

Melbourne boasts one of the world’s most scenic coastal roads, the Great Ocean Road. Take an hour’s drive outside the city and you could be enjoying stunning coastal views, winding through lush greenery, and visiting quaint rural towns. Stop off for a picnic at Bells Beach, famous for hosting international surfing championships. Then visit the Twelve Apostles, a breathtaking collection of limestone stacks jutting out of the ocean, and end up in Warnambool, one of the best whale-watching spots in the world.

When to go
The summer months of November to January are Australia’s hottest and most popular, but accommodation prices can be high and beaches will be busy. Go in October or May and catch the beginning or the end of the sun, and have the beach to yourself. Travel between June and August, and get rock bottom winter flight prices, plus the chance to see whales off Victoria’s eastern coast.

Flying to Melbourne

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Harare’s Top 10

Harare is a top destination in Africa for those seeking some of the continent’s best spots for wildlife viewing, and to reach one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, the incredible Victoria Falls. But visitors have a lot to do and see before heading off on safari in Harare. When you are ready to go, Brightsun Travel offers cheap tickets to Harare from UK all year round, so you can have a city break with a difference.

Our Top 10

Harare has many galleries, parks and gardens to enjoy, as well as an array of bars and restaurants. And Harare’s attractions don’t end there. In Harare you will find craft markets alongside archaeological sites, plus pretty churches and cathedrals and impressive museums. Here are our top 10.

1 Galleries

Harare is full of contemporary galleries, like the Delta Gallery and the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, showcasing contemporary, local and African artists.

2 Cathedrals & Churches

Visit the Central Baptist Church on a Sunday for a taste of local life in Harare, or stroll past the Anglican Cathedral and admire classic sandstone architecture.

3 Museums

In the National Archives of Zimbabwe you can explore the history of Rhodesia and modern Zimbabwe, a perfect introduction to the country and the capital.

4 Parks

In Harare Gardens, the largest of the city’s parks, you can relax away afternoons in peaceful surroundings, away from the bustle of the city centre.

5 Gardens

In the National Botanic Gardens you can take a picnic, bike ride or leisurely walk and enjoy a haven of peace inside the city.

6 Woodlands

The Mukuvisi Woodlands is a natural woodland where you can spot a range of wildlife just 7 kilometres from the centre of the city.

7 Nightlife

In Harare you can experience the city’s vibrant music scene in its many cafes, clubs and bars, which regularly hold Afro-jazz concerts.

8 Markets

Head to the Avondale Flea Market and join the locals haggling for a bargain, and come away with anything from clothes to electrical goods.

9 Archaeological Sites

Zimbabwe’s answer to Stonehenge, Chiremba Balancing Rocks, dating back to the Stone Age, can be found a short drive outside the city, and well worth a visit.

10 Food

Finish your city tour by sampling the local delicacy ‘Sadza’, a thick white porridge made from corn, served in traditional eateries.

Getting there
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5 Ways To Take A Historical Tour Of India

In India you can visit the world famous Taj Mahal, and surround yourself with palaces and temples in Rajasthan and Bengaluru. Fly into Ahmedabad and you could track India’s independence movement, or head to Chennai and experience India’s historical and cultural hub. Contact Brightsun Travel for India cheap flights offers all year round, and go on a historical adventure this holiday.

The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle tour covers India’s most well known cities – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. In Delhi you can marvel at impressive buildings dating back to the 6th century and witness Gandhi’s final resting place. In Agra, you will find the world famous Taj Mahal, an iconic World Heritage site. Finally, discover India’s legendary city of Jaipur, famous for its rose-coloured sandstone architecture.

A tour of Rajasthan can cover some serious historical ground, owing to the region’s incredible forts, palaces and temples. In Rajasthan you can ride on elephant back to Amber Fort, an opulent palace overlooking the Maota Lake, marvel at Jantar Mantar, a stone and marble crafted observatory, and visit the World Heritage site of Ranthambore Fort in Ranthambore National Park.

Even though Ahmedabad is the sixth largest city in India, and a major commercial hub in the state of Gujarat, it offers visitors a long and rich history to explore. In its charming old quarter, there are many museums, temples and mosques to enjoy, plus notable buildings that were at the centre of India’s independence movement in the 19th and 20th centuries.

In Bengaluru you can enjoy a tour of India’s historic side in its many temples and palaces, like the Chokkanathaswamy temple, dating back to the 10th century. Head to the Malleswaram district and stumble across memorials, temples and historical hotels. Alternatively, head to Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace and the Bangalore Palace and explore elegant interiors and beautiful gardens.

Chennai is a historical hub in India, boasting historic sites aplenty and an incredible list of museums. Start at Fort St George and explore St Mary’s church and the St George Museum. Visit the Government Museum, one of the oldest in India, and trace Indian history back to the 2nd century BC. Travel 60 kilometres south, and visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mahabalipuram.

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10 Must Sees In India’s Historical And Cultural Hub

Chennai is a cultural hub in India, boasting historic sites aplenty, an incredible list of museums and galleries, and several dance and music schools to enjoy. Brightsun Travel has cheap tickets to Chennai from London to get you there on budget and in style this holiday.

1. Fort St George

Fort St George is a hugely important historical temple in Chennai, constructed during the British rule, housing St Mary’s church and the St George Museum, with incredible art works on show.

2. Kapaleeshwar Temple

A religious attraction as well as an architectural one, the temple has structures built in true Dravidian style, common to south India, where you will find regular festivals and an atmospheric place to while away a Chennai afternoon.

3. The Government Museum

Chennai’s museum headliner is the Government Museum, which explores Indian history and culture back to the 2nd century BC, and one of the oldest museums in all of India.

4. Thousand Lights Mosque

This massive 3-domed white mosque, nestled in the heart of the city, is an architectural gem. Best visited at night, the mosque is illuminated by 1000 oil lamps.

5. National Art Gallery

The gorgeous National Art Gallery is one of the oldest art galleries in the country, and a beautiful red stone building dating back to the 18th century, showcasing incredible Indian sculptures and art works.

6. Kalakshetra

Kalakshetra is a leading dance school in the city, set in beautiful grounds in south Chennai, where you can roam the complex by day, and see a traditional dance performance at night.

7. Elliott’s Beach

Elliott’s Beach, a popular hang out since colonial times, has plenty of restaurants to enjoy, plus memorials and temples scattered along its well-kept shores, including the Ashtalakshmi Temple and the atmospheric Karl Schmidt memorial.

8. San Thome Church

A beautiful white structure in the heart of the city, and a strong reminder of the city’s colonial past, housing important tombs, a museum, an on site library and an incredible interior to explore.

9. Mylapore

Mylapore is known as the epicentre of culture in Chennai and is the oldest neighbourhood in the city, with many of the top religious attractions in its boundaries.

10. Mahabalipuram

When you are ready to venture out of the city, you could visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mahabalipuram, an ancient town with spectacular temples, just 60 kilometres south of Chennai.


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If You Love Nature You’ll Love East Africa

If its safari adventures you are after, East Africa is for you. Brightsun Travel offers cheap flights to East Africa, plus safari packages of a lifetime. All you need to decide is where to go…

Go on safari in Ghana and you could explore tropical rainforests, spot herds of elephant and marvel the tallest trees in Africa. Go east of Accra and discover the Volta Region, the highest mountains in Ghana, one of the largest man-made lakes in the world, and the highest waterfall in West Africa. Go west and you’ll reach Elima, Cape Coast and Busua offering heritage, sun, sea, sand and surf.

Addis Ababa
From Addis Ababa you could tour the Simian Mountains National Park, one of Ethiopia’s, and Africa’s, tourist draw cards, and a UNESCO World Heritage site offering amazing scenery, breathtaking mountain hikes and rare wildlife encounters. Or head to the Great Rift Valley for a scenic drive and spot hundreds of flamingos in the only landscape on Earth that’s visible from the moon.

Dar Es Salaam
Dar Es Salaam is a gateway to the most iconic landscapes on Earth including the vast plains of the Serengeti, Kilimanjaro National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Here you can witness one of nature’s spectacles, the Great Migration, climb Africa’s highest peak and visit one of the best places in Africa to spot mammals in their natural habitat.

Harare is a gateway into Africa’s amazing natural world, including one of the Seven Wonders, the majestic Victoria Falls, one of the Earth’s largest. Or head to Hwange National Park and you’ll find one of the world’s largest populations of elephant, and in Matobo National Park, just a few hours from Harare, you can visit the World Heritage site of Matopos Hills.

Head to Lagos and find a booming city surrounded by green spaces, just moments away. Just under 40 kilometres from Lagos is the word-renowned Lekki Conservation Centre, an ecotourism hub offering swamps, grasslands, forests and marshlands to explore, with 400-metre long canopy walkways. Or, 3 hours drive away are Omo Forest Reserve and Old Oyo National Park.

Fly into Nairobi and access some of Africa’s most precious National Parks, including the famous Maasai Mara Nature Reserve, where you could witness one of nature’s spectacles, the Great Migration. Or head to Mount Kenya National Park and discover Africa’s second highest mountain, just 150 kilometres from Nairobi. Finally, visit Mount Longonot National Park for a spectacular hiking trip.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Canada This Holiday

In 2017, Brightsun Travel has a range of exclusive and cheap tickets to Canada from UK so you can discover all that this amazing country has to offer. Here are our top 10 reasons you should be planning a holiday to Canada this year.

1. Canadian Rockies: In less than an hour from Calgary you could find yourself in Canada’s oldest National Park, Banff National Park, right at the centre of the Rockies, surrounded by deer, bear, mouse and incredible mountainous scenery.

2. Northern Lights: Fly into Vancouver and you could see one of nature’s spectacles, the Northern lights, from the city’s surrounding parks, islands and mountains.

3. Niagara Falls: Niagara Falls is one of Canada’s iconic landmarks, three waterfalls straddling the Canadian and US borders, reachable in a day trip from Toronto.

4. The Haida Gwaii archipelago: The Haida Gwaii archipelago, or better known as ‘Canada’s Galapagos’, offers over 400 islands to explore in the heart of Canada and a unique island culture.

5. Manitoulin Island: Canada boasts the largest freshwater island in the world, the remote Manitoulin Island, with incredible walking trails, secluded bays and magical waterfalls.

6. The Canadian Prairies: On Canada’s prairies you can roam grasslands that go on as far as the eye can see, and spot wild bison and deer in their natural habitat.

7. The Boreal Forest: Canada’s Boreal forest is considered to be the largest intact forest on earth, representing 30% of the world’s Boreal forest.

8. Montreal’s Festivals: Montreal boasts over 100 festivals during the summer, including the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the largest jazz festival in the world.

9. Toronto’s Neighbourhoods: Toronto is one of the most multicultural diverse cities on earth, where you can shop at an array of markets, stroll historical museums, and dine at restaurants from around the world.

10. Vancouver’s Mountains: Grouse Mountain is a favourite spot for winter sports in Vancouver, offering family friendly ski and snowboard runs, and a perfect destination to enjoy a picturesque white Christmas.

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Discover Epic Landscapes And Ancient Cultures Near Addis Ababa

Ethiopia is famous for its ancient history and dramatic natural landscapes, and is a mystical land with vast deserts, enormous coffee plantations, and ancient ruins and cities that will transport you into another world. From Addis Ababa, its capital, you can explore Ethiopia’s important archaeological sites, dramatic ancient architecture, plus incredible natural landscapes, including the Rift Valley and the Simian Mountains. Contact Brightsun Travel for a wide range of cheap tickets to Addis Ababa from UK and experience a once in a lifetime African adventure this holiday.

Ancient Landscapes

The ancient landscapes of Tigray are truly mesmerising. Set amongst vast deserts are hundreds of churches carved into cliff faces, offering fantastic rock climbing and hiking adventures with spectacular views across Ethiopia. Then there’s the World Heritage site of Lalibela, with ancient churches holding mummified corpses that have been preserved over centuries. Travel to the northern city of Gondar and find walled fortresses and palace compounds dating back to the 17th century. Or, head to the Konso cultural landscape, a World Heritage site, and experience life that’s remained unchanged for centuries.

Simian & Bale Mountains 

From Addis Ababa you could tour into the Simian Mountains National Park, one of Ethiopia’s, and Africa’s, tourist draw cards, and a UNESCO World Heritage site offering some amazing African scenery. Here you can hike breathtaking mountains, up to 4500 metres above sea level, like the famous Ras Dashen mountain, and gaze at primeval forests full of wildlife, including the incredible rare Simian fox, Gelada baboons and the Walia ibex. For more wildlife encounters, the Bale Mountains National Park won’t disappoint, boasting Ethiopia’s densest concentration of large mammals.

 The Great Rift Valley

The only stretch of the Earth’s landscape that is visible from the moon, the Great Rift Valley, is enormous, stretching from Kenya through to Ethiopia, and offering some of Africa’s most memorable adventures. The Great Rift Valley can be enjoyed in scenic driving tours from the city, or exciting camping adventures. In this landscape, dating back millions of years, you can discover Lake Turkana, the world’s largest permanent desert lake and the world’s largest alkaline lake, plus volcanoes, and an abundance of wildlife. Famously this is the home of hundreds of flamingos, plus wild elephants and big cats.


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The Two Sides Of Vancouver

Vancouver, sitting on Canada’s west coast, in the vast state of British Colombia, is an urban metropolis with a seriously impressive skyline, plus an equally awe inspiring natural backdrop. Vancouver has something for everyone, from inner city neighbourhoods and a thriving urban art scene, as well as day trips to spectacular mountains and islands.

Here we explore Vancouver’s urban charm and natural wonderlands. When you are ready to go, Brightsun Travel has Vancouver cheap flight deals all year round, taking you into the heart of British Columbia.

A Stunning Skyline

Vancouver is a sparkling metropolis of glimmering glass skyscrapers, sitting under the majestic Grouse Mountains, and surrounded by the Strait of Georgia. Even on a short city break, it’s well worth taking a glass elevator to the top of the Vancouver Lookout at the Harbor Centre, to enjoy 360 degree panoramic city views.

Culinary Tours

From a citywide farm-to-table movement, to an exploding craft beer scene, Vancouver is a culinary hot spot in Canada, with late night cocktail bars opening up in Chinatown, and former industrial pockets being turned into restaurant enclaves. Head to Lonsdale Quay Market in North Vancouver, and not only enjoy a spectacular ferry ride, but explore exotic foods in its central market. Alternatively, head to Gastown for the city’s best restaurants, lining old cobbled streets.

Parks & Gardens

Vancouver has an array of parks, creeks and mountains right on its doorstep. In the central Stanley Park, a 1000 acre park on Vancouver’s waterfront, you can stroll along the edge of the Pacific on its seawall path, or cycle around its beautiful interior and spot a range of Canadian wildlife. Or, visit the VanDusen Botanical Garden, and you’ll find 55 acres of plants from around the world.

Go North

Less than 30 minutes away from Vancouver by car, the North Shore offers snow sports, mountain biking and rainforest adventures, including one of the world’s longest and highest suspension bridges at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Venture to the famous Grouse Mountain for some of the best skiing and snowboarding spots in the country.

Getting There

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